Proposal To Relocate The Capital from Nairobi

Posted on 17 August 2007. Filed under: Development |

The Association of The Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) has put forward a radical proposal to transfer the capital city of Nairobi to a new site.

The AAK said that the expiry of the master plan for the city that guided development of the city expired and has given way to poor and unplanned constructions in the city. A relocation of the the capital city would also enable an audit of all buildings in the city in order to help avert a catastrophe if a major earthquake occurred in the region.

The AAK Chairman Gideon Mulyungi says Kenya should emulate countries like South Africa that decentralized administrative capitals and relocated them to adjacent areas . He also gave the example of Nigeria and Tanzania moving their administrative capitals from Lagos to Abuja and from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma respectively.

Mr. Mulyungi pointed out that roads serving Nairobi are too narrow to contain the kind of population explosion being witnessed in the city. The cost of housing in Nairobi has also shot up leading to high inflation because demand for housing has outstripped supply and now needs immediate measures that will forestall the rapid and unplanned growth.

A decision to relocate the capital city from Nairobi will not come soon and government position on this is unknown. Past experience in other developing countries shows that the decision to relocate is not easy to reach and will influenced by a myriad of historical, geographical, political and economic reasons amongst others. The proposal to move the capital is justified. According to a World Bank Report prepared in December 2005, urban transition in Sub-Saharan Africa has many positive implications for sustained economic growth and poverty reduction. The report says that relocating administrative capitals is essential to realize the potential of the growing cities and towns in order to further national development goals, including the MDGs

Is someone in Kenya Government going to reply or agree with the AAK soon?

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10 Responses to “Proposal To Relocate The Capital from Nairobi”

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BS i think this architects just want work

I agree, let them show us the 200 page document in which they have laid out the details of the plan. Ohterwise, we have enough matatus. We know where to take a ride if we need one.

go ahead transfer the city to somewhere in isiolo

MOVE PARLIAMENT TO GIGIRI AND build skyscappers on that particular land where parliament exists. expand the city by demolishing kenya poly, and any other business and estate that is btw eg landmawe all the way to the round about to industrial area, relocating kenya railways and construct skyscrapper condos like in miami or newyork and let people come and live in the city. even as you improve the skyline of Nairobi

Even as you move parliament to Gigiri and mordinise it, Construct Machakos as a SISTER city to Nairobi, change its name from Machakos to Safaricity to give the new city an international flare. Demacate land in this new city and let every building to be built be a skyscrapper thus coming up with one of the most modern busines capital in africa and hence the Gateway to africa( Think of Hongkong). Let JKIA serve as the middle btw these two cities with a metro speed rail system running along Uhuru Highway. that way u can work in machakos(safaricity) and have luch in NAIROBI And be back in the office in a moment.remember the shanghai metro in china i.e SAFARICITY – NAIROBI. Market the cities abroad as such. example. dallas- fortworth, st pauls- miniapolis etc THAT WAY, WE CAN POSITION KENYA AS THE GATEWAY TO AFRICA WHEN IT COMES TO MEDIA, COMMERCE, TRADE ETC i live in dallas and i have seen this work when marketing the dallas-fortworth metroplex all served by dfw airport. the writer is a kenyan living in dallas.

I liked ya idea,..never thought of it like that,..but the name Safaricity is too cliche, bout leaving it to be machakos,..n talk bout the Nairobi-Machakos metro complex,…now that catchy,

Relocation is interesting, but where to? Mombasa?

I know Nigeria has relocated it and interestingly I think South Africa could do it from Pretoria to Johannesburg or Cape Town.

But, perhaps there’s no better city than Nairobi in Kenya. Still is the main hotspot for tourism, economy, industry.
And it is the biggest city.

Nice idea. Bt all the other large cities are located at the peripheries; Mombasa , Kisumu.??:
I thnk MSA is better

I agree, build a capital somehere in NE province.this will ensure infrastructure for the area, while tackling areas insecurity once and for all- development is an enemy of desperation(read as banditry). Let NBI commercial city, and say Bura,Garissa or Isioli be governance/nerve 2 cents.

..something’s got to be done about N & NE provinces,excuse that they are arid/deserts, are lame.Cairo,Makkah,Las Vegas,TelAviv,Dubai,etc, are thriving desert cities.The trick is to beat “our” defeatist attitudes and go for it..people do after all live in those Kenyan arid areas. this will then free up Kenya’s arable highlands for agricultural purposes-Kenya need not rely on food aid(shameful) no more.

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